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Every product has a limited lifespan; some last for a couple of days while some products last for decades. Bathroom pipes is a product that you don’t change regularly, but at one time or another, you need to replace them for a trouble free lifestyle. Over the time, your bathroom pipes may rust, decay and corrode making you replace them. Failing to replace the bathroom pipes at the right time may cause you various issues for the family members and the property. Old, worn-off pipes may provide ideal conditions for the harmful bacterium to grow. Getting new bathroom pipes and fixing them is not the simplest task you would come across; you need to prepare with good sense. Here are 5 key things you should discuss before getting new bathroom pipes.

  • Get to know the exciting pipes 

Before you opt to replace your plumbing system, you must have a good knowledge about the type of the plumbing that is already installed in your house. Different materials have a different lifespan. For instance, Supply pipes (which are exposed to constant pressure and vulnerable to cause leaks) are made out of brass, stainless steel or copper. They usually have a lifespan of 7-10 decades. On the other hand, drain lines last only for 2-3 decades if they are made of PVC (Cast iron pipes last 8-10 decades, though). Get to know the type of the material and assess whether it is the time to replace them.

  • Plan to get rid of Lead pipes and Polybutylene 

Despite the age, you should replace the lead pipes (if available) as they cause serious health issues when mixed with water. Polybutylene, on the other hand, is highly fragile and therefore, you must replace both of these pipes with the other pipes if you expect the best out of your renovation work.

  • Beware of the warning signs 

No matter how new the pipes are, you should replace them if they are troublesome. You must be aware of all the warning signs before you actually plan your replacement work. See for the signs of clogged or damaged pipes (leaking joints, low water pressure, unpleasant odour, the rise of water levels, gurgling sounds when flushing, mould on walls etc.). As soon as you see one or more signs of broken or clogged drain, ask the assistance of an expert to identify the issue correctly.

  • Work according to the situation

If you don’t have enough budget or time to go for a total renovation, you should consider replacing the exposed pipes at the least. It will help you to minimize the problem. Consider pipes that are not completely hidden in the walls and concentrate on the pipes that are exposed. Such approach will minimize the potential for troubles at least you go for a bigger project later on. Also, if you have plans to renovate your house, consider carrying out pipe replacement project parallel to it.

  • Hire the right kind of plumber 

No matter how good the stuff you purchase, everything can go in vain if you don’t find a good plumber. Therefore, perform an extensive research and find a well established, experienced and professional plumber. They are expert at clearing drainage pipes with high water pressure cleaning equipment and installing new units. A professional plumber is always ready to offer you affordable and effective suggestions, which is a clear advantage for you as the property owner. Free yourself from hassle, take cleaning services for blocked drains by 1300 Drain Clear.