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Personally I can not stand the same decor and arrangement in my room for a long while. I get tired of the same design or arrangements very quickly. I believe many of youngsters feel the same way about this.

Every now or then I get the urge to do a makeover of my room but being a student i do not have that much ample time, so I have to do this makeover in least time. That’s when these one-day makeovers come in handy. Having gone through this process a thousand times I can  easily guide you all in ‘one day makeovers’ and even give you some pointers which i found out the hard one. Believe me you won’t be disappointed.

Clear Everything!

First thing first: clean your room thoroughly. Not only will this make your room neat and tidy but you can also throw out all the unnecessary things.

That’s killing two birds with one stone. Once you have discarded all the unwanted stuff in your room, take out all of your furniture and put it somewhere else for a time being.

How will this help? Well once all the furniture is out, and the room is empty you will have a better picture in your mind that what to do with it and how to come over with a complete makeover.


Your bed is a very important thing while doing a makeover. Having nice clean bed sheets, comforters and cushions are really important. Do want to keep the whole set or want to renovate it? This is a big decision.

If your budget allows you to buy a new bed set then definitely go for it but if you want to save up some cash, we have an idea for you. For instance just buy a new and unique headboard for your bed. Try to match it with your wall paint or curtains. One can always go for a contrast.

With rugs, without rugs?

Another important decision is if you want to put a rug in your room or not! Rugs do give a finesse and neat look to your room. You can buy a rug from the nearest store or you can be creative. The decision is entirely on you.

Well you can give your old rug a nice cut or change it into any shape. Have more than one rug? Don’t worry they won’t go to waste: just stitch them up nicely and add some new cuts to it, so it looks like a new addition to your room.

Other Decor Stuff Matters Too:

You can spice things up by buying a new yet classy desk so it provides you the perfect environment and gives you a workplace at home. For me wood desks are the end game but you can always try other materials too. Try a new pendant lamp or a little twist in your lighting.
Jut changing the orientation of the furniture can make a big impact too.


Mirrors look very decorative and fancy, without much effort.
Either go out for shopping and buy yourself a new mirror or just add some lights to your old mirror. Girls can always turn the mirror into a lighted makeup vanity.

Well, this all can easily be done in a day. Happy makeover!

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