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Utes basically mean utility. Utes for vehicles are usually the cars or passenger vehicles which have trays for cargo on the back side. Some ute vehicles come with trays whereas some can be custom made for which you can hire professionals, when you’re looking for toolboxes for utes in Melbourne then we highly recommend Fleet Trades. So, for the best quality trays you should hire professionals as they know the size and materials to be used for the tray and the type of trays which can be put in accordance to your vehicles.

There are essentially 4 types of trays used in vehicles namely:-


The manufacturers of these trays are professionals and customer satisfaction is their greatest goal and so they provide you with good and safe quality materials, so your car is in good hands. If your car is in a really bad condition then it might not be worth getting any type of ute trays installed in the first place, in that case then we recommend getting in touch with cash for cars by Danny Scrap Metal.


Steel Trays- The thickness of the floor section should be at least of 3mm at the thinnest areas and also protective paints of coats and coats of zinc are applied on the trays so that protection is done from rusting. Anti-rattle locking pins are also available in steel trays which are adjustable too. If you ute currently has this type of tray installed then you might get more money from Danny Scrap Metal when you turn it in.

Heavy Duty Aluminum trays- These trays are preferred for vehicles carrying heavy equipment as aluminium trays are quite sturdy and can hold heavy weights. These should have at least side drops of height 250mm.

Standard Aluminum Trays- These trays are for the rational consumers as it reduces fuel consumption giving your vehicle maximum load. Also, these trays have the floor which protects the equipment from skidding or sliding on the floors.

Canopy Bodies- The material used in making canopy bodies is also aluminium as it is the best-known material. The biggest advantage of having an aluminium body is that they reduce the weight of the body making it easier for travelling.

So if you do not want to carry all the heavy equipment in your car, trays and canopy bodies are the most efficient, effective and reasonable in money terms to place on your cars. The weight load of the vehicle also decreases, making it easier for transporting things from one place to another and since this is a thing which you cannot do it on your own, professionals like Fleet Trades must be hired.